Nos conseils pour un goûter d’anniversaire réussi

Our tips for a successful birthday party

Each year our children challenge us with this famous challenge: to organize their birthday party. And for the party to be successful, no detail should be overlooked. The real challenge is to transpose our child's imagination into reality, because if these little ones are capable of one thing, it is to see things big. 

here is our advices for a successful birthday party for your child.



Think about logistics in advance: number of guests, date, location, etc. The easiest way is to organize yourself a month in advance. The number of guests will determine the size of the cake, the amount of candy, the number of chairs… Our advice? Limit it, so you don't have to turn that birthday party into a birthday gala. 

Also remember to plan for precise timings for the activities : Whether it's the games or the cake, if everything is planned in advance you will be able to concentrate better on the entertainment on the day. 


The theme

Even if the idea of a theme may seem like a headache, it is the latter that will be the conductive line of everything else. It will help you choose your invitations, define the decoration and even the birthday cake. Unicorns, Spider-man, sorcery or piracy: this part will appeal to your creativity. Provide related accessories so that the children can pose with them in the photos. 


The animation

You can plan a few games and animations for rhythm during the day, the goal is for the children not to be bored before and after the cake arrives. Plan calm and more dynamic activities so that all the children can have fun, but also so that you can take a breather for a few minutes. 

Treasure hunts, Olympics, angling, pinata, musical or creative games… Plan on a dozen so as not to be short and focus on outdoor activities.


The cake

the birthday cake rest the attraction main your child's snack. There's no point in planning a 10-tier cake, but make sure it fits the theme perfectly. 

Choose a scent that is sure to please. You can even plan a second cake as a precaution. For the total number of portions, always plan a few additional portions for the most greedy. 

If you have a specific idea for the birthday cake you want: do not hesitate to do so tailored





Guest gifts

Remember to pack a little something to pack for guests. The béaba consists of prepare bags of candy. If you have creative activities planned, the children can also take their works home. 

You now have all the cards in hand to organize your child's birthday party. do not hesitate to contact us in store or via our contact form to tell us about your future cake.