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The story of Darling's Cupcakes

By a combination of exceptional circumstances, during a clearance sale at La Hulpe where Ghila had her pastries tasted, her first cupcakes ended up in the hands of the one who was going to distribute them and become her first point of sale.

The idea is appealing, but does not yet suggest the turning point in his life. She then bakes her cupcakes alone in her kitchen, she loves what she does but does not think for a second of making it her job.
The success of his cupcakes encourages him to take his idea further and to undertake a little cupcake world tour through Berlin to Tel Aviv, to make sure that it is not an effect of fashion but above all to offer a new cupcake, unique flavors closer to the quality cuisine that she had encouraged in recent years.

In 2015

In 2018

The second store opens its doors in the Marolles, in the city center of Brussels. Darling's cupcakes transformed very quickly, the team grew and this dream team now also offers you a whole series of cakes and other themed cakes that will suit every occasion.


the adventure continues ... Darling’s Cupcakes 3.0 opened in Wemmel in October 2019.