Pourquoi choisir des cupcakes pour vos évènements d'entreprise ?

Why choose cupcakes for your corporate events?

The cupcakes more and more often at company meals and other events. And for good reason, these cakes are easy to eat and suit many thanks to the variety of their flavors.

For the most skeptical (or the most curious), here are 3 reasons for choosing cupcakes for your meals or corporate events.

1 # Easy to eat

Sometimes it is difficult to find a dessert that is good and easy to eat. Depending on the filling and frosting you choose, a cupcake may be easier to eat than some cakes.

Our advice: opt for mini cupcakes, easy to transport and eat, like appetizers. You can even choose them savory and serve them as an appetizer.


2 # Guarantee of quality

Offering cupcakes is a guarantee of originality but also of quality. All our cupcakes are facts House and decorated with the greatest care.

Contrary to the stereotypical image some may have of it, a cupcake doesn't have to be pink with glitter. With the right icing and the right garnish, it quickly picks up. 

The possibilities are endless and therefore each event can find a cupcake to serve.


3 # Corporate  

If your company is going to a seminar #teambuilding nothing better than opting for a cake or a personalized cupcake in colors or even with the logo of your business.

At Darling's Cupcakes we take each project to heart and do everything possible to satisfy our customers.

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